My first year at Coventry University

To begin with, I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Tereza, I am from the Czech Republic and I study BA (Hons) Advertising & Marketing at Coventry University. I have just finished my first year and I decided to guide you through my first year and every important aspect that I have learnt during my stay in United Kingdom.

First of all, many of you reading the beginning of this article would probably ask why I decided to study in the UK. The answer is simple, I wanted to meet new people, gain experience and improve my language skills. Maybe you are also asking whether it was easy. It was not easy at all, but it was definitely worth it!

Let me go back in time a little bit. I came to UK in September 2013 to study at University of Worcester. The course that I started studying was “International Business Management” because my parents wanted me to study this course. I was told that the title of the course sounds sophisticated and it will be very beneficial for me in the future, however it was not a course that I enjoyed at all! As you can probably imagine, I was very unhappy, stressed and worried, however I was still motivated to finish all modules with good marks because I already knew that I will try to transfer my studies to Coventry University. Coventry University had such great feedback and results and I needed the best results possible to ensure that my dream will come true.

When I got accepted to Coventry University I was very happy to start the new episode of my life. Even though I had to start from the first year again, I see it as a positive because I have met new friends and gained new experience but most importantly, I finally study course that I absolutely love because I decided to change the course and start again. So now I am a student of Advertising and Marketing and I have a job as a Marketing Assistant at Coventry University. I could not be happier. Here you can see that if you follow your dreams and you work hard for them, everything is possible.

Since I moved to the UK I have also gone through looking for a private accommodation, registering with the GP, setting up a bank account and many other things, I think I have grown a lot mentally since I have moved to UK. When you move out from your family and friends, it is not easy. You do not have anybody around, you are responsible for yourself, and you need to do everything by yourself. But this is how you gain experience and learn how to live on your own.

However, do not be afraid, if you are really struggling with anything, there is always somebody who can help you. You have your personal tutor from the very beginning who is interested in your well-being. When I started studying at Coventry University, my personal tutor would arrange a meeting with his allocated students almost every week and would ask how are we were doing and helping us with everything we were unsure about.

I must say that coming to Coventry University was the best choice I have ever made.

Do not be afraid to start something new. It will not be easy, but trust me, it WILL be worth it. You will learn a lot, you will grow, your CV will be improved as well and if you will work hard and try to reach your goals, you will be very successful. Everything you will learn during your university life is priceless and will never be taken away from you!

My advice: Never apply for the course that you do not wish to study. I have lost one year studying the wrong course only because my parents wanted me to study something else. Now they understand my choice to change the course and university because now they see that I am happy where I am, I enjoy studying, working and most importantly, I enjoy living in the UK.

No matter what course you choose to study, there will always be someone to guide you through your journey and be more than happy to help you if you will need help.

I wish you good luck with your applications. And do not forget to follow your dreams!

Tereza Brabencova
Student of Advertising and Marketing
Coventry University