UCAS: What happens next?

You have decided -or almost decided – what you want to be when you grow up; you’ve poured your heart out onto 47 lines and 4000 characters of a personal statement and you’ve selected your top five choices…Now what happens?


  1. 15th January 2015-6pm (UK time)

For the vast majority of you, this is your deadline for submitting your UCAS application. To put it simply, if you would like to use five full choices to your full advantage, apply by this deadline.


  1. Your UCAS track has been updated

UCAS track will be your source of comfort throughout this journey. It can let you know if a university has made you an offer, the type of offer they have made, when they have made it and if you are required to attend an interview/ audition or provide a portfolio. We can’t stress enough, how ESSENTIAL it is that you keep an eye on this on a regular basis.


  1. Offers, offers everywhere

So your offers are flooding in-Great! Now you’re faced with the tricky decision of deciding which university is going to get your firm choice, and which is receiving your insurance. Struggling to decide? Why not pay a last minute visit to a university or two to get a final feel for what life on campus may be like.

If the offers aren’t quite flooding in, DON’T PANIC, the next step will help you.


    4. UCAS Extra

The Tesco of the higher education world, Extra knows that every little helps and is on hand to give you the opportunity to add an additional choice, one at a time. Perfect for those who don’t have any offers or for those who have made a last minute decision to study at a university!


  1. Clearing

Clearing is genius for two reasons: Ever the romantic, Clearing helps you find your match made in heaven by offering unplaced students available courses.  Secondly, it offers those who wake up on results day and have a sudden epiphany that they need to change their place and area of study the possibility to make this a reality.

Operating on a first come, first served basis, it is vital that you do some research before the phone lines open. Make sure you have your results and UCAS ID number at the ready when contacting universities.


  1. Adjustment

You’re smarter than you had originally thought, your Omega 3 supplement and hearty breakfast worked, someone was clearly looking out for you…whatever the reason, you have done much better than you anticipated and now want to make the most of your potential. Adjustment allows applicants who have met and exceeded their conditional firm choice the opportunity to swap courses if they wish.

You can shop around for five more days whilst holding your offer. Get in quick though, Adjustment closes on 31st August!


  1. The end is in sight

You’ve almost made it to the end of the UCAS journey and the start of an exciting new chapter at university. If you’ve used UCAS Clearing or Adjustment make sure you accept your offer by the date given to you on your UCAS track; don’t miss out on your chance to study at university due to a silly mistake-we are all only human after all!


If you haven’t managed to secure an offer, it is not the end of the world. Take this time to reflect on what it is you want to do next, and use the full support of your teachers, family and friends in making your choices.


Good luck!