Meet us at a UCAS fair

It’s that time of the year again when universities dust down their best set of banners, stock up on freebies and head up and down the country to show you lot what they have to offer. It’s really important to get the most out of the fairs which you attend, so we have identified three different types of students we normally meet, in order to help you have a productive day:


It’s not unusual to see a floating stack of books being mysteriously carried around by a pair of legs, only to then find a human squashed under them. We know some of you like to be prepared but you really don’t need to collect 120 prospectuses which offer Business. The only thing you’ll collect from this balancing act is a nasty injury and plus, let’s spare a thought for the trees. If you want to be prepared, check the UCAS website beforehand to see which universities are attending the fair, do your research and narrow your list down to a select few that you are seriously considering. If you change your mind afterwards, most institutions allow you to order a prospectus to be sent to your home address or you can download them.

The shy type

So you’ve decided which universities you want to speak to and what questions you’re going to ask. Next step is to find you’re BFF and verse them on what to say on your behalf… NO! We can completely guarantee you that university staff are friendly and won’t bite. It’s our chance to meet students, find out what you’re interested in and to answer as many of your questions as possible. Chances are if you ask the questions yourself you will find out all the answers you needed, plus ones you hadn’t even thought of. You can tell your BFF all about it on the journey home, that’s what friends are for!

Freebie thief

We all love a good freebie – a cool pen, a coin for the locker at the gym, a few sweets- whatever it is the chances of you saying no are pretty slim. UCAS fairs are full of fun freebies and of course they are there for your enjoyment. BUT don’t waste all your energy running around like a maniac taking as many freebies as possible as if you’ve been transported back to the 90’s and are in an episode of Supermarket Sweep. Dale Winton is not going to meet you at the end and congratulate you. In fact, the only people meeting you will be your teachers and parents, and they will be much more interested to find out which university grabbed your attention and how this has affected your life decision, rather than how far you can throw your new stress ball.

The closed book sort

As much as we may all dream of being a student at Hogwarts, I think we can be grateful that the university we attend won’t be decided upon by a talking hat. It’s important to attend a UCAS fair with an open-mind, because university has so much more to offer than a programme of study. Think about scholarships, student unions, work experience opportunities, social life, accommodation and location. Our advice to you is don’t attend the fair with your mind already made up. Instead challenge universities to convince you on why what they have to offer is best suited to you. You never know, you may surprise yourself!


For a full list of UCAS fairs which #CovUniLondon will be attending, keep a close eye on our facebook page.