Joining us in April?

With only T- minus 8 weeks to go until you become part of the Coventry University London Campus community, we’ve written this handy article to help you prepare for what we hope will be one of the best experiences of your life!

What should I do before I arrive on campus?

Plan, plan, plan!

We know that excitement can take over in those few weeks before you start your MBA journey! Make sure you make a ‘to-do’ list which includes those all important things – we’ve listed some of them below:

  • Apply for your visa in good time!

If you are an international student ensure you have made all payments required to gain your CAS letter and have applied for your visa on-time. If you arrive late you may miss essential classes.

  •  Pack all the relevant documents

When you enrol with us you will need to provide original copies of your previous qualifications, proof of nationality and your English qualification (if you are an international student). Always bring your offer letter along too!

Without these, you can’t enrol!

  • Book accommodation

If you are lucky enough to already live in London, great! Just make sure you take a look at the tube map and work out your best route to campus.

If you are moving to London look into accommodation early. We’ve got plenty of accommodation providers which are based close to campus (often in zone 1) – take a look here.

  • Only bring the essentials

Wait until you get here to buy items for your accommodation – especially if you are sharing, no-one needs 5 kettles in their kitchen…


How to get the most out of your time here

What you get out of your MBA is based on how much effort you put in. Fact!

Don’t be shy in those first few weeks; remember no-one knows anyone. Take part in as much as you can during welcome week – it designed to help you settle in and get to know your new class mates. Why not join a society, take part in High Flyers or become a student ambassador?

Think about that CV of yours once you leave us…


Congratulations on securing your place with us – you’ll have a blast!


The next year will fly by – take every opportunity that is presented to you, take the time to grow and develop in yourself and build an amazing network of friends from around the world!