Students enjoy guest lectures

Our MBA International Human Resource Management students studying ECS were given the opportunity to attend two guest lectures in the January 2015 term.

The first being the lecture by Joanne Meredith, Head of Human Resources from The Ritz Hotel and the second one was delivered by Tristan Callaghan, HR Consultant, Acacia Learning.

Joanne highlighted the importance of the cross cultural skills and mentioned that most Coventry University London Campus graduates has the strength of being bilingual and equipped with the cross-cultural knowledge that many employers in the UK are now seeking. Further, she provided valuable insights into the operational and strategic areas for a Human Resource Professional working in the hospitality industry. For example, she discussed how the hotel has operated a successful Employee Engagement forum for a number of years.

Tristan advised the MBA HR students to research the company extensively before interviews as most interviewers now gauge if the applicant has strategic insights into the company’s business-a central area also recommended by the CIPD professional map.

He recommended that as candidates seeking positions in local or international organisations, we must research the prospective organisation; its policies, practices and future opportunities.