Mt. Fuji with fall colors in japan.

Japan visit schedule

MBA Students from the London Campus will be visiting Tokyo soon. See the exciting schedule which they have planned.

Friday 3rd July – Arrival.
Saturday 4th July – Weekend free-time (recover from jet lag!)
Sunday 5th July – Weekend free-time.
Monday 6th July – Presentation by Jun Kabigting, President of Japanese HR Society

Tuesday 7th July – Company visit to Japan Rail hosted by Fusayoshi Aoki, company head. We will have a tour of the facilities and receive a presentation in English on Japanese lean management and HR practices.
Wednesday 8th July – Visit to HR Expo at Tokyo Big Site. A translator has been organised for this although there are some seminars in English. Please register here:
Thursday 9th July – Presentation by Jonathan Todd, UK Expat of 23 years on experiences and recommendations of working in Japan.

Friday 10th July – Company visit to Nihon Kenko hosted by Yoshiyuki Okada, company CEO and owner. We will have a tour and have a Q and A on how to manage employees in a Japanese company.

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Saturday 11th July – Weekend free-time.
Sunday 12th July – Weekend free-time.
Monday 13th July – Prepare to return home.
Tuesday 14th July – Return to the UK.

– Aaron Taylor