Japan visit schedule

MBA Students from the London Campus will be visiting Tokyo soon. See the exciting schedule which they have planned.

Friday 3rd July – Arrival.
Saturday 4th July – Weekend free-time (recover from jet lag!)
Sunday 5th July – Weekend free-time.
Monday 6th July – Presentation by Jun Kabigting, President of Japanese HR Society

Tuesday 7th July – Company visit to Japan Rail hosted by Fusayoshi Aoki, company head. We will have a tour of the facilities and receive a presentation in English on Japanese lean management and HR practices.
Wednesday 8th July – Visit to HR Expo at Tokyo Big Site. A translator has been organised for this although there are some seminars in English. Please register here: http://10times.com/hr-expo-tokyo
Thursday 9th July – Presentation by Jonathan Todd, UK Expat of 23 years on experiences and recommendations of working in Japan.

Friday 10th July – Company visit to Nihon Kenko hosted by Yoshiyuki Okada, company CEO and owner. We will have a tour and have a Q and A on how to manage employees in a Japanese company.

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Saturday 11th July – Weekend free-time.
Sunday 12th July – Weekend free-time.
Monday 13th July – Prepare to return home.
Tuesday 14th July – Return to the UK.

– Aaron Taylor