Student accommodation – The Curve

MBA International Marketing student, Ping, tells us a little bit more about her own personal experience and life in student accommodation building, The Curve.

Wonderful! You have decided (or are considering) to study at Coventry University London Campus. One of the first things to ensure is that you find a comfortable student accommodation, which will work well for you. After living at The Curve, I can say it is a great accommodation option to consider and here’s why:

Room options:

The curve provides high quality accommodation to students with modern decoration and design, creating a nice homely feel.  Students can choose from two room options – A studio flat with your own kitchen and bathroom or a cluster flat with a sharing kitchen and bathroom. Although rooms are fitted with an individual study desk, The Curve also provides a separate study room. For me this was a great place to work on my assignments.

Easy to make friends:

The curve also provides many social opportunities to allow you to interact with other students from a range of universities, including the London Campus. The Games Room in particular is a great space in which you can play and chat with your friends. If you live in a studio flat, you will need to buy a TV licence if you bring a TV with you. Alternatively, if you want to save money, you can use the communal TV room to watch any programs you like. For those who like to keep fit, you can take advantage of the gym!

Convenient location:

 It only takes 15 minutes’ walk from The Curve to the London Campus – you will always be early for class! If you do want to venture a little further past the campus at weekends, The Curve is conveniently located only one minute from the nearest bus station and three minutes to the tube station – great if you’re maybe heading towards Oxford Street for a spot of shopping and fun.

Maintenance and security

A practical reason for choosing to live in student accommodation includes the maintenance! Unlike rented accommodation, if something is broken or doesn’t work the staff can help to repair it very quickly. There is even an emergency phone number which you can call at any time when you have a problem making life much easier. In addition, the 24 hours security team make it a very safe environment for you to live in.