Clearing and Confirmation

It’s that time of the year again when those two famous C words are thrown abut the place. You’ve heard friends, family and teachers talk about them, and you’re probably sick of seeing them all over the internet. We’re on hand to ensure they don’t seem as scary as they may be made out to be! So what do they really mean?

Move on Up. We Have.

Many times in life we set ourselves a “Plan B”. This could be anything from a Plan B of how to get to work when the car won’t start, a Plan B of where to go on holiday when the whole crew can’t afford a ten day trip to Ibiza, or a Plan B for what to have for dinner when the chicken in the fridge is out of date.  More often than not Plan B is a back-up plan for when Plan A all goes horribly wrong. UCAS Adjustment, however,  is your Plan B for when it all goes fantastically right!