Move on Up. We Have.

Many times in life we set ourselves a “Plan B”. This could be anything from a Plan B of how to get to work when the car won’t start, a Plan B of where to go on holiday when the whole crew can’t afford a ten day trip to Ibiza, or a Plan B for what to have for dinner when the chicken in the fridge is out of date.  More often than not Plan B is a back-up plan for when Plan A all goes horribly wrong. UCAS Adjustment, however,  is your Plan B for when it all goes fantastically right!

Results are in

You’ve exceeded your own expectations…Congratulations! This is now your chance to turn Plan B on its head. The UCAS Adjustment service is your way to choose a different university, an alternative course and maybe a completely new career path!

University is not all about your education.  It’s also three to four years of your life, and you need to be able to get more out of it than just a degree. Check what else is on offer at the unis on your wish list. Are there any societies you’d want to join? Does the University have sports and gym facilities? Get hold of a campus map; are there any shops on campus or do you have to walk miles to find a Tesco? Also be sure to check out the accommodation options.

Who qualifies for adjustment?

Adjustment opens on results day, and is only applicable if you have met or exceeded ALL conditions of your initial offer.

So what can you do to prepare before Adjustment opens?

Create a list of potential courses and universities you’d be interested in if your grades turn out even better than expected. That way, the minute you know your results you’ll know who you want to call. This is a great way to avoid hearing the dreaded “Your call is currently in a queue”.

Visit the Campus! If you’ve only recently heard of Coventry University London Campus and would like to see more of what we have to offer, why not visit the campus before or during Clearing. The Recruitment team will be on hand to show you around our facilities in the City of London and answer any questions you may have. Contact us on: 020 7247 3666 or

Good Luck!