Mentoring Cloud Society

Global Business student Ololade is the current undergraduate president of the Mentoring Cloud society. Here she tells us a little bit more about why joining a society at university is a great way to make new friends, settle in and develop new skills.

At Coventry University London Campus, there are several ways in which students can make their voices be heard and become leaders of change. As the undergraduate President of the Mentoring Cloud Society here are a few reasons why it is beneficial to join clubs and societies and a brief introduction to the Mentoring Cloud Society.

The vision of the Mentoring cloud is to guide and assist students in their educational journey in order to successfully achieve high academic standards. This is achieved by assisting students in becoming familiar with their new academic and diverse environment by matching students with a trained mentor. Mentors are usually a trained student who is a senior and can offer social and academic advice.  We recognise that issues such as culture shock, assignments, homesickness, and language could be tough on fresher students and we’re here to help!

As a trained London Campus mentor student, there are a variety of responsibilities including providing positive peer encouragement and being a positive role model. Mentors are also required to attend scheduled meetings with mentees. Mentors are required to meet with their mentees at least one hour every term, and each mentor is required to mentor at least five students per term.

Joining the club either as a mentor or a mentee does not go without its benefits. It helps develop various skills that employers look out for such as self -awareness, listening skills, the ability to influence others by motivation as well as developing students to be competent and believing in themselves.

As a member of various other clubs on campus, I can confidently say that I have been able to add to my skill set simply by being an active member of various clubs. It may seem like a lot of commitment but with time, most people usually settle in quite well and can start enjoying being part of these clubs and societies.

It’s a two way street. You give to the society by contributing your ideas and helping other students on their academic journey while you gain new skills to add to your CV.

In addition, the Mentoring Cloud even gives out certificates to members who have contributed and committed to the society!

Thinking of becoming a member? Attending a training workshop – watch out for posters on campus with more information.