Places to eat around Campus

Being in the heart of the city you are surrounded with interesting and diverse cuisine from all corners of the world. You can feast on delicious South Asian food to delicate French food without even needing your passport.

Right around the corner from the university is Spitalfields market where you can find a range of stalls and eateries, you are guaranteed to be served promptly for those quick lunch breaks in between lectures and seminars. You can enjoy your food right there in the hubbub of the market or you can bring your goodies back to campus with you and enjoy it in one of many relaxation areas spotted around campus or even in the student lounge on the third floor.

If street food doesn’t tickle your taste buds then perhaps restaurants and diners might be for you. There are many within walking distance of the university and each one is different. Pizza Express, Pizza Union, Japanese Canteen, Wrap it Up, Tiffin Box, Las Iguanas, Giraffe, The Liberty Cheesesteak Company, Duck & Waffle and many more! If you have a sweet tooth then perhaps Patisserie Valerie, Lola’s Cupcakes, Hummingbirds, Crepe Affaire and The Breakfast Club might be for you.

There are also many pubs and bars located right near Campus including, The Dirty Martini, The Alchemist and The Culpeper. However, if all you want is a quick coffee and a bite to eat then that’s covered too.

So as you can see you are spoilt for choice and will always find something new to eat and enjoy around Campus. If you weren’t a foodie before then you’re about to become one! Night or day the city is always alive and buzzing, so whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner, you’ll be sorted.