Things to tick off your fresher’s bucket list

To get your university journey off to a great start, and to help you maximise your first year, we have compiled a bucket list of things to do as a fresher.

Starting over can always be challenging. As a fresher, you’re at the beginning of your university journey, and for many of you, it will be your first taste of independence. It will probably be the first time where you will learn how to seriously budget, as well as cook for yourself and do your own laundry. But don’t feel too overwhelmed, as these small but important tasks, are part of many that lay the foundation into becoming a fully-fledged grown-up.

Meet new people

University friends are usually friends for life. But regardless of whether you become bff’s or not, it’s always good to meet new people.

Pick up a new hobby or two

You may learn a new skill, find a new passion, or just have fun. Plus, it can be a great way of meeting new people.

Join a student society

There are many student societies you can be a part of while you are a London Campus student, such as Mentoring Society, BeCULC, Merchandise and more. We also organise a range of trips and activities throughout the year, both on and off campus. So get involved.

Step out of your comfort zone

Embrace the new and get stuck in. Not only because it can be character building, but stepping out of your comfort zone may lead to positive life changes and discovering new things.

Relish in the independence

Independence can be daunting, but it is something which you should definitely embrace. Enjoy your freedom.

and last but not least…attend Fresher’s Week!

Fresher’s week is a great way to kick start your journey. From Monday 3rd October, we will be hosting a whole array of fun activities for you to get involved in. The first night will consist of a Movie night with free ice cream. The following night, and one not to be missed is our Spitafields Karaoke Night – which is a great way to explore what’s local to the campus, as well as one of the trendiest parts of London Town. Don’t miss out on the Fresher’s fair and Jack the Ripper pub crawl!

Don’t forget to purchase a wristband, to get the best value for money and to guarantee entry to all of our Fresher’s Week events.

So here is our bucket list to get your first year off to a fulfilling start. We hope you enjoy your first year at the London Campus. Remember to maximise your time at University, and remember to have fun learning.