Where to live in London

You may be considering moving out of your home for university. There are many accommodation options in and around London which we have carefully selected and are recommending that are within walking distance to our London Campus.

Halls of residence

The London Campus has selected a range of halls of residence for you to choose from which are listed below. If you do decide to select this option of accommodation, don’t forget to book directly with the accommodation provider. Each provider is responsible for managing your tenancy agreement.

Flat or house share
Coventry University London Campus have enlisted the services of the University of London Housing Services (ULHS) who run a private housing service for students in London. ULHS can help you find accommodation, check your contract and offer legal advice. From August 2016 you will be able to register for this service by visiting www.housing.london.ac.uk


To get a further insight on what it is like to live in rented accommodation, you may want to read our blog post.