Hints, tips and advice on being the best you can be

My name is Carole Still and I am the Head of Alumni and External Affairs at Coventry University London Campus – Welcome to my blog.  I enjoyed sharing your learning journey with you when you studied at Coventry University London and invite you into this blog to continue chatting and exchanging views.

Hints, tips and advice on being the best you can be

One of the most popular questions I get asked is “how can I raise my profile on LinkedIn?”  Well there are multiple ways and hundreds of articles written to help you but let’s start with 5 key principles:  Carole’s 5 LinkedIn top tips:

1: Know your strengths: Remember Marcus Buckingham from your Leadership Classes?  Help the right audience to find you by identifying the top 3 to 5 strengths you want to be recognised for and use them – repeatedly – in your profile.  Use the strength tag words (e.g. project management) in your summary profile and in all the experience descriptors you write when building your profile.  Remember to show evidence of the strength – don’t just keep using the tag word – so your readers get a real impression of who you are.

2: The Strength of Weak Ties: Many of you will remember my networking workshops and the “who would you like to meet” exercise!  You can apply this concept to joining groups then reach out to individuals in the group and invite them to join your network.  CAUTION:  Make sure you have a good reason for contacting anyone on LinkedIn.  Help them to see the value of connecting with you e.g. what is it you could offer them?

3: Enunciate my dear enunciate! – In other practice speaking clearly.  Do you remember Peter Pepper….! Many of you will remember the tongue twisters I got you to do in class with the intention of practicing enunciating clearly your words.   On LinkedIn you can help people to know how to pronounce your name by spelling it out phonetically or recording it as part of a digital CV! For more help on speaking clearly check out the BBC “The Speaker” archived programme online at  http://www.bbc.co.uk/speaker/improve/

4:  Get digital:  Put a QR (quick response) code for your LinkedIn profile on your business cards.  When you meet people they can instantly connect to you by scanning the QR code.   

5: Be Personal: Remember your LinkedIn profile is not your CV.  Help people to know who you are by writing as if you are having a conversation.  Let your personality shine through so people know your values, passions and key strengths. Remember, people do business with people they like!