English language support at Coventry University London

Students at coventry University London explain how they benefited from English language support at the university.

Studying in a second language can be a challenge. So can adapting to the way things are done in a UK university. To make sure that every student has the chance to succeed, Coventry University London offers a free, 8 week especially designed academic English course for international students. With every enrolment, a new group of students begin the in-sessional English course, which runs weekly throughout their first term at the university and provides them with the language support they need to succeed on their degree programmes.

At the end of the course, students complete a written reflection on their learning experience. The best pieces of writing are selected by a panel of judges and the winners are awarded a (very cute and cuddly!) prize.

Below are some extracts from the January 2017 group’s written reflections on the course:

“After registration each student has to take an English test. Depending on your mark you have access to the In-sessional English class. Why? Because it was an opportunity to improve my English and especially my written English, which is my weakness.

This In-sessional course has many positive points. First and foremost, the teacher is English and for international students this is beneficial. She can correct you and you can ask questions. Moreover, she wants you to have a real discussion during the course about your lifestyle, hobbies and your new life in London.

Then the content. This course is based on our (speaking on behalf of international students) main weakness- formal written English. This revision really helps a lot to improve your formal English through subjects such as linking words, passive and cautious language, ways to ask a question and tenses. All these subjects are important and useful to improve. Furthermore, they can all be applied in your assignments.”

* Benjamin Morales ISE Student January-March 2017

These 7 weeks helped me to improve in the following areas. Firstly, I feel more confident when I speak English. Next, I know it is crucial to be polite when communicating with others. I think now I am on the right track to using academic English. However, the most difficult thing for me is to remember all this knowledge. Because a person’s habits are hard to change, the way I think and use English is hard to change. Thus I need to firstly change my habits and then improve my English. The good thing is that I participated in every class and I have the notes. Also the atmosphere of the class was relaxing and made me feel comfortable.

At the end of the ISE class. I have some things to recommend. The first one is, don’t be shy when you are in class because practice makes perfect. Furthermore, if you do want to improve your English, speaking is the fastest and easiest way.

* Yanjing He ISE Student January-March 2017