Clearing and Confirmation

It’s that time of the year again when those two famous C words are thrown about the place. You’ve heard friends, family and teachers talk about them, and you’re probably sick of seeing them all over the internet. We’re on hand to ensure they don’t seem as scary as they may be made out to be. So what do they really mean?


Clearing is a service provided by universities through UCAS. It gives students who aren’t holding any offers, or who have changed their mind about a course, an extra chance to apply. Universities advertise any spaces they have left on their courses for the upcoming academic year and – providing you meet their requirements – they may accept your Clearing application.

Coventry University London phonelines will open on Thursday 16th August at 7am. Take a look on our website for a full list of all the courses we offer and let us know which you would be interested in applying for when you phone. Don’t forget to have your UCAS ID number at the ready.

Once a member of staff has discussed why you want to join the course, they may make an offer over the phone, which is followed up with an email.  You can either look at other universities and ring them too, or you can choose to accept the first offer you’re given. Either way, you will need to wait until 5pm on results day (Thursday 17th August) before you are able to confirm the offer you want to accept.

To confirm, simply log on to UCAS track and select the University that made the offer. UCAS will then contact them, and provided they have a log of your call and the offer made, and your qualifications match what you said on the phone, you’ll soon receive confirmation of your place.


If you’re a conditional offer holder, then when the University receives confirmation of your grades through UCAS or from yourself directly, the University will check if you have met the conditions of your offer. If you have met or exceeded your offer conditions your place will then be confirmed.

The University works as fast as it can to ensure the most timely turn around for all students. If you are worried, you can call our Confirmation Hotline for an update on 02476 790 790.