The highlights of my first year on campus – Adam

My name is Adam and I recently finished my first year studying BA (Hons) International Finance and Accounting at Coventry University London. As you start to prepare for life at Coventry University London I wanted to share some of my favourite memories from my first year as a student.

Synergy Business Challenge

I learned about this challenge during my first few weeks on campus. My team mates and I raised over £500 for charity, and I had the chance to meet new people and gain those all-important business skills.

Campus Officer Election

My biggest highlight of the year was running for Campus Officer of the Students’ Union. The election was an intense experience but winning gave me a great sense of achievement and made me realise how many students believe in me to have the responsibility of being the lead student representative. It was a brilliant learning experience.

Games Room

For much of my first year, my classmates and I took our mind off studying by relaxing in the games room. It’s a really good area for students to relax and unwind between class, with ping pong, table football, and speakers for students to play music.

Angel and Devil Night

This was the first event I attended at university so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, but it had turned out to be a great night. I really liked the style of the event – you could either dress up as an Angel or Devil which was exciting! The Bollywood fusion of music was a great twist.


I hope you have as fantastic a time as I did in first year and look forward to hearing what your highlights were!