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My name is Iga and I recently finished my first year studying BA (Hons) International Finance and Accounting at Coventry University London. Applying for student finance can seem like a daunting task, so I wanted to share my own story of applying to Student Finance and some of my top tips with you.

What is Student Finance?


Student Finance is a government run programme which provides extra financial support to UK and EU students through the format of a loan.

Am I eligible?

Make sure to check if you are eligible for any kind of student loan. I decided to apply for student finance about a month before starting university. At first I was unsure if I wanted to apply or not but after a discussion with my parents (who are my main source of income as I am currently studying towards a bachelor’s degree) we, as a family, decided that the extra financial support from student finance would be welcomed.

When can I apply?

The earlier you can apply the better! As I applied quite late in the process I was worried I wouldn’t be able to receive my loan in time for the start of university. Luckily, I only experienced a one week delay in the first payment and the rest came on time.

How do I make an application?

You can apply for student finance online, it’s relatively easily however you will need a number of documents including proof of identity. Your parents/guardians might also be asked to provide supporting documents giving details of your household income.

Tell me more…

If you are interested in applying or finding out more information about student finance, you can find everything you need on their website:


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