My Clearing Story

Iga knew she had been nervous when taking her A level exams, but she was still confident that she would achieve the grades needed to get in to her first choice of university. When Iga found out that she had missed out on the grades she needed she was. Although she hadn’t expected to go into Clearing Iga was passionate about Accounting and Finance and was determined to still pursue this path.


What Iga did first

Iga was very upset when she received the news. However, her parents were by her side and provided reassurance that she still had options. Her first step was to go to the UCAS clearing website to find all of the universities that offered courses which appealed to her. Iga knew she wanted to study either in London or at home in Belfast. With her research completed, Iga began phoning universities immediately to find out who would accept her. When she spoke with Coventry University London and looked at the course, she thought it was the one for her.

“I thought the course had a lot of interesting modules and I was really sold on Coventry University London’s location and rankings.”

What Iga does now

Iga recently completed her first year of BA (Hons) International Finance and Accounting at Coventry University London and has enjoyed studying at a smaller campus where students are able to get to know their academics more.

“I’m very happy with where I am now and think it was a really great outcome. I’m enjoying meeting people from all around the world, getting involved in activities, learning from other cultures and taking part in events.”

Iga’s advice

“My advice would be to not panic. There’s no point wasting time panicking and being upset. You just need to stay calm, look at the course you want to do and find the universities offering that course. Don’t be afraid to make phone calls to a hundred different universities if you need to – it’s important to find the right place for you.”

What Iga wished she knew before

Iga didn’t know much about the Clearing process before she went into it. She found the UCAS website was easy to use with all your options for universities and courses laid out in front of you, and would recommend it to students in the same situation.

“Everyone will be receiving their results at the same time as you so if you can start the process straight away you’ll have the best chance of being where you want to be.”