9 Tips on How to Live Peacefully with Other People

Whether you’re just starting university or going back after the summer break, you might be asking yourself, how will I survive living with other people?! Follow our advice and you’ll be just fine!

Don’t take all the space in the fridge and kitchen cupboards


Just because you got there before your soon-to-be housemate, that doesn’t give you the right to take up all the space in the kitchen. Leave some cupboard space for others too, after all… sharing is caring!

Wash up after yourself


Leaving piles of dirty dishes to stack up for days isn’t cool, mould is a no no! Get into the habit of washing as you go along. Your room buddies will be a lot happier.

Don’t make too much noise in the evenings

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 If you know your housemates go to bed at 11pm but you prefer to sleep later, try to be considerate and keep it down in the evenings.

You may want to bring friends around for drinks now and again but discuss this with your housemates beforehand so they’ve got a heads up.

Don’t steal their food

200w_d (9)

You go downstairs one evening thinking you’ll make a cuppa, you notice your sugar’s finished, you take a little bit of your housemate’s thinking they won’t notice… the next morning your housemate notices and all hell breaks loose! You might think you housemate’s being petty, but it is their sugar. Little things like this end up turning into huge arguments. Discuss this beforehand, if you both drink tea and coffee for example, do you want to take it in turns to buy these items or would you prefer to buy your own?

The same with any food… you may see a bag of chips in the freezer thinking no one will notice a few missing, but students tend to notice these things!

Keep communal areas clean

communal areas

Don’t leave your laundry lying around in the living room! Keep shared areas tidy.

Come up with a cleaning rota

cleaning rota

 A deep clean is needed once a week to keep your living space free of flies and strange insects you’ve probably never come across before!

Try not to break anything

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If you do accidentally break a plate, glass or anything else that may be precious to one of your room buddies – own up! I remember when I was in my second year of uni and living with two other housemates, someone broke the microwave by putting foil in it of all things, yet no one owned up! This ended up costing everyone money… and in these situations usually the person knows who the culprit is! So just be honest, honesty will take you a long way.

Don’t be passive aggressive

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A lot of people I knew at university on my course used to complain about their housemates being passive aggressive because of unresolved issues building up. Some left sarcastic or aggressive notes on the fridge, others blasted the music in the mornings to show who’s boss of the halls / house!

Things can easily be resolved by you talking to one another. Keeping things in and agonising over little issues will never help matters.

Discuss who will buy household items

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All the shared items for example, bin bags, toilet roll, fairy liquid, kitchen roll and washing up powder – if you don’t discuss this as soon as you move in, there could be problems later down the line!

Talk about anything concerning you


The best thing you can do if something is bothering you is just to talk to your housemate(s). It might be nerve-racking the first time you have to do this, but in the long run it will help you – you’ll have more confidence if these situations occur in future and it’s never as bad as you think it will be.

We have a range of student support available so if you do need any advice, we’re here to help. Don’t think you’re alone.