Make Your Money Go Further

We know that Student Finance can be confusing. There’s a lot of information floating around, and digging through what’s relevant can be quite a task. However, Student Finance helpfully hosted Money Week, explaining what you need to know about a wide range of topics.

Now you know what money you might be entitled to, here are some tips on how not to blow it all immediately.

The B-Word.

That’s right. Budget. Take an hour at the start of each month to really dig into your financial situation.

Create a spreadsheet on your computer – you know if you write it down on paper you’ll lose it, and losing paper isn’t an excuse for fiscal irresponsibility (especially if you’re coming to Coventry University London to study a business-related course!) One column should list money coming in per month (student loan, parents’ support, part-time work). Another should list your outgoings (rent, bills, social life, food, Netflix, and phone bills). Then you get a handy breakdown of what you’re spending, and what you’re spending it on.

Planning this much helps you take control of your financial situation too. If your food bill looks a bit high, shop in a cheaper supermarket! If your social life is costing you a fortune, go out less (or do free things.)

Having a budget will also help you plan and save for bigger outgoings. If you wanted to go on holiday during summer break, you can plan that into your monthly budget, squirreling away enough to afford your well-earned holiday.

Plan Your Food.

Take half an hour on a Sunday to plan your food for the week. This will stop you buying things you don’t need, in turn reducing your waste, and reducing the amount you spend on food you won’t eat too.

All this planning means there’s no need to buy lunch when you’re out, which may seem like a minor thing but it quickly adds up. Say you spend £5 a day on sandwich and coffee throughout the working week. That’s £25 a week, which is £100 a month, which is £1,200 a year. That’s a lot to spend on sandwiches.


You might be eligible for a scholarship from the university you’re applying to. If that’s Coventry University London, you can look through our available scholarships here.

Avoid Hidden Costs.

One of the (many, many) bonuses of studying at Coventry University London is that you don’t have to buy your textbooks! You’ll be given a copy of all the core books for your course so you won’t have to fork out hundreds of pounds on books at the start of every term.

You also don’t have to pay for printing. We give you printing credits so you can print all the academic articles you’ll ever need to write that great essay.

On top of that, Coventry University London provides all students with free Microsoft Office software. Now you have no excuse not to get your essay done