Local Elections: The Conservative Society have their say

Your vote in the local elections this may is important but if we haven’t been able to convince you yet, then let’s see if the coventry university conservative society can.

We’ve been banging the “it’s important to vote” drum for the past few weeks, from offering a brief history of democracy to highlighting why your vote matters. So, by now, you’re probably ready to get your name on that electoral roll and vote in the general elections. That’s great! But, we can’t let you forget about the upcoming local elections, which are just as important and to help us spread this message we’re calling on reinforcements…

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The Coventry University Conservative Society are definitely active in local politics. In fact, their society president Stefan Spalatelu is the conservative prospective candidate for the Sherbourne Ward in the local elections. They want students to know that their votes matter and here is why:

1. Our local councilors will represent our views.

During the local elections people choose their immediate community representatives. The representative who gains the most votes will become councilor and will address issues in the neighbourhood he or she is representing.”

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2. Local elections are always an indicator of how national policy is reviewed.

When people vote the politicians will get a better sense of what people want, both locally and nationally. They can look at the results and measure whether people are satisfied.”

3. Students make up a large part of the Coventry population.

Your opinion on the policies and plans political parties have for the coming period matters. Complaining from the side-line won’t give you any results.  Whichever party or candidate you vote for, you should use your right to voice your opinion, literally. It is a chance to influence what is happening in your local neighbourhood.”

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4. Voting will shape your future.

If you have never voted before, then this is your chance! if you don’t vote, the local politicians will not know how you feel about certain issues. Yes, politics can be boring. And, yes it might take some time to figure out who to vote for and what they stand for. But let’s be honest, you must have an opinion on issues such as housing, the city’s infrastructure or the creation of job opportunities, right?

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