Mother’s Day on A Budget

Mother’s Day is coming up fast and a lot of you are probably wondering what you can do for your wonderful mother on a student budget. Well no need to fear, we’ve got some great suggestions right here!

Mini Bowl of Succulents

The traditional Mother’s Day gift is usually a bunch of hastily bought flowers that look like they’re about to start dying at any moment. Mothers are usually pretty good at acting excited when they’re presented with these, but maybe it’s time to try something different?

How about putting together a small bowl of succulents! It’s the perfect solution. Succulents last for ages and don’t require that much maintenance to keep alive. Plus, putting together a custom set of flowers that you think your mum will love will really show how much you care for her. Or just find a picture online that looks pretty and buy the same plants as that.

You can find a guide for how to make a succulent plant pot here!

Memory journal


Everyone knows that mums are pretty busy people with a lot on their mind, so it’s easy for them to forget the little moments. So why not give your mum a memory journal for Mother’s Day?!

A memory journal is a great way to highlight the best and worst moments of you and your mum’s relationship. It’s a thoughtful gift that is sure to bring a smile to any mother’s face. Just try not to bring up the big ‘fights’ you had during your teenage years, no one wants to remember those…

Or if you can’t think of any memories to put down, try giving your mum a journal that she can fill in with memories about you and her life. There’s a great journal for that here!

Mother’s Day picnicPicnic

Can’t think of a gift? Well then try a picnic! The weather is becoming a lot more sunny lately (apart from today!) so now’s the perfect time for an impromptu picnic.

Pack a bag full of sandwiches, crisps and everything your mum likes and take her down to a local park. Its quick, easy and cheap. Plus it’ll give you and your mum some time to catch up and reconnect now that you’re at university. Not only will she be glad to see you it also means she gets a free lunch! And who doesn’t love that?

Let Your mum take control

The easiest and cheapest way to give you mother a gift on Mother’s day is to just (finally) do what she says! Give her complete control over the day and let her have a rest.

This means doing some household chores, cleaning the car, cooking dinner, or anything that she wants. She’ll appreciate the day off and it’ll make her life a little bit easier.

Also get her this Mother’s Day crown, it’ll help her get in the mood to rule over you for the day!