Spotlight on: Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental health is often overlooked because it can be a sensitive subject, but it is nothing to be nervous about or ashamed of. You may not think it, but lots of people go through the same emotions as you. According to a YouthSight HE Insight Club report; almost 80% of students say they experienced a mental health issue in 2017. We understand the worries students have of exams, heavy workloads, loneliness and money problems – but please try not to stress about it, everything will be ok!

At Coventry University, the Health and Wellbeing Centre is here to offer you support for a huge range of needs you may have.

What does the term ‘mental health’ actually mean?

Mental health is the term for your emotional wellbeing, and mental health problems can affect anyone; they impact on the way you feel, think and behave, which is why raising awareness about mental health is vital. You can find out more about mental health including various support options at Mind.

Do many people suffer with mental health issues?

A report from the Mental Health Foundation found that nearly two thirds of us have experienced mental health at some point in our lifetime.

What support is available for me?


There is lot of help at hand at Coventry University, the health and wellbeing team’s support areas include disability, welfare, counselling, mental health, and care leavers’ support and workshops.

Based in TheHub, health and wellbeing offer support to all students. The department is made up of an admin team, disability advisers, study support tutors, mental health advisers, counsellors and a welfare officer. They also have an on-site Medical Centre (which you should register with once you enrol!).

The Spirituality and Faith Centre on the 3rd floor is a relaxing space, welcoming all students of faith and those of none. Did I mention they have their own yurt for meditation and relaxation?!

 Support for disabled students

Our Disability Support Team is made up of disability advisers, who provide advice and guidance for disabled students, and study support tutors who provide academic support, such as help with essay structure, grammar, punctuation and spelling.

If you have a long-term medical condition, disability or specific learning difficulty, it is important you make yourself known to health and wellbeing to ensure you are aware of the support available to you. Many disabled students are entitled to university support provisions such as Individual Exam Arrangements and Equipment Loans (these pages are accessible through the student portal). Some students may be eligible for Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) which fund additional support, such as mentoring and one-to-one study skills support.

Easy to access appointments

Our online booking system allows you to book an appointment when it suits you, 24/7. Visit Health and Wellbeing Bookings to arrange your support.

The health and wellbeing team is on Facebook and Twitter!

Facebook-logo Twitter-logoIf you weren’t aware of health and wellbeing, you probably didn’t know they’re on Facebook and Twitter, so if you’d prefer to tweet or DM them, get in touch. They’re happy to answer any questions you have, plus it’s a great way for you to keep up to date with all things health and wellbeing.

You can also reach them via email disoff.ss@coventry.ac.uk or phone 02477 658029.

Remember although you can’t see it, your mental health is equally as important as your physical health, so if in doubt seek support.