Spotlight on Interior Design

Jacqui Spiers spent a year in Berlin on a work placement. She is now back in Coventry finishing her degree in Interior Design and working on her Final Major Project. “The decision to take advantage of the University’s overseas opportunity for a year’s internship was a big one that admittedly took a little more effort to pursue than the normal year in industry, but it was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only from the progression that I have made in my hard design skills but also the soft skills I gained from working in a team, managing client expectations and working together closely with talented designers daily, constantly learning. The life experience of exploring a new city, inevitably leading to new friendships (a couple of which I hope will last a lifetime) is almost as important as the work experience itself.

Berlin’s relaxed atmosphere, creative freedom, hundreds of galleries and rich history led me on an interesting year of adventure. The experience introduced me to a lifestyle that I feel I have a natural affinity with, it’s a city and time in my life that I will always be grateful for.

The outcome has been very positive; I was hired as a Trainee Designer after 6 months and a Junior Designer after one year, with the opportunity to return to a job as soon as I finish my degree. This removes an aspect of stress associated with the Final Year, not only worrying about your project but what the next step is going to be once you graduate. Working directly in the industry also enabled me to make important contacts that have since led to freelance work, making my position even stronger when applying to other agencies in the future. Generally, as a person I and others feel I have changed for the positive. The experience has made me more resilient, focused, relaxed and given me more confidence in my design ability. Ultimately everyone’s experience will be very different and there will naturally be highs and lows but if you approach it with a good attitude, an open mind and willingness to learn and progress then I would highly recommend taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity.”

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