Unipart and AME’s Ford-China deal to create 40 Coventry jobs

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A seven-year contract to provide advanced components for Ford cars being produced in China is expected to see Unipart Manufacturing create 40 new jobs in Coventry. A feat achieved through Unipart’s joint venture with Coventry University the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering (AME)

An employee undertaking quality control checks to a finished fuel rail - image courtesy of Unipart.

Unipart is now one of only a small number of companies in Europe to produce gasoline fuel rails for Ford and other car manufacturers.

The components reportedly enable fuel to be injected into the engine under high pressure to provide greater fuel efficiency and ‘cleaner’ motoring. The products are manufactured at the Unipart Powertrain Applications site in Coventry, which employs around 380 people. The facility, which produces one fuel rail every 45 seconds, currently exports around 95% of its output to customers in mainland Europe and China.

The new contract is expected to start in 2018 and will result in a production increase of around 50% at the fuel rail facility in Coventry.

An important factor in winning this contract was Unipart’s ability to remove around 15% of the cost from the original design of the fuel rail while maintaining the highest standards of performance and quality.

The Institute for Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering is a collaboration between Coventry University and Unipart Manufacturing.

Unipart chairman and Group chief executive, John Neill explained: “China is an important market for our manufacturing business as it’s the largest global market for new car sales with around 21 million being sold and 25 million units being produced.

“Competing on such a global scale requires the highest levels of productivity, use of the most advanced technologies, and the continual development of highly trained, highly engaged people who will go the extra mile for customers.

“It’s pleasing to see that the combination of The Unipart Way with the advanced technical knowledge that we are developing through research and development at the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering, is enabling us to win new contracts and get recognition around the world in terms of quality, technical excellence and precision engineering.“

Unipart Group already carries out a wide range of logistics operations in the Chinese market. The company operates across 13 sites there (including Beijing and Shanghai) for clients such as Jaguar Land Rover, McLaren and Tesla; and employs more than 330.

Learn more about AME with our video below:

Learn more about Unipart and Coventry University’s AME collaboration here:  Institute for Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering


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