Nando’s Sonnet by Adesina Aanuoluwapo (John) – the 2016 Nando’s Poetry Competition Winner

Nando’s Sonnet by Adesina Aanuoluwapo (John) – Year 1 BA English and Creative Writing


A plate of chicken wings please,

and a curry rice on the side.

Supply of drinks that do not cease,

my tongue yearns for a tasty ride.


A princely platter of Caesar salad,

with a tumbler of sparkling sangria.

While I sit writing this tender ballad,

about my affair with a veggie burger.


A bowl of sweet potato mash,

with beautiful thinly-cut chips.

Hunger causes my teeth to gnash,

leaving me with watering lips.


In shock she takes down my order,

asking politely, “Is all of this for you sir?”