People Mover Challenge: Moving Forward

The last visit to Birmingham Airport for the time being was arranged by Elaine Mackie, second year tutor for the second year automotive and transport students to present their final designs for the ‘People Mover’ project to Michelle Thurgood, Transport Specialist and Rob Eaton, Planning Manager.

Tom Nelson

From left to right:
Yang Zhao, Aaron Yong, Rob Eaton, Michelle Thurgood, Dastinas Steponenas
 at Diamond House, Birmingham Airport

Both Michelle and Rob commented that all of the student’s presentations were of a very professional nature and all final designs conveyed an understanding of the capacity constraints involved, but tackled these with a variety of innovative approaches.  Each proposal had managed to retain a unique selling point via differences demonstrated in carriage flexibility, seating arrangements and considerations of disabled passengers.

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 14.13.04

‘People Mover’ presentations in full flow

The student’s designs will now be forwarded to HS2 representatives and other stakeholders such as Solihull, Birmingham and Coventry Councils, ARUP and Local Enterprise Partnerships in order to facilitate future discussion about potential design considerations.

So watch this space!



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