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  • Induction at the Southwest University of Political Science and Law

    Induction at the Southwest University of Political Science and Law

    A delegation from Coventry University visit their Partner Institution at the Southwest University of Political Science and Law (SWUPL) to welcome the 2016 cohort into the new academic year. This was a monumental year for the CU-SWUPL team at is sees the student number reach full capacity of 300 students in Chongqing, China which has been three years in the making. This programme is the only Sino-Joint law programme in Southwest China. Flying Faculty members from the CU Law School deliver modules in Chongqing under the unique 4-2-4 approach designed by the Law School (4 weeks of independent study by students; 2 weeks of intensive teaching; 4 weeks of self-led revision). These Flying Faculty modules are run in years 2 and 3 of the SWUPL programme with the intention of students becoming full-time CU students on the Coventry campus in year 4 of their studies. Upon successful completion, students will obtain a Law degree from both SWUPL and CU.

    A new cohort students were visited by CU staff members including Dr Donald Finlay (Associate Dean, International), Zhi Finlay (Head of East Asia Strategic Relationships, APU) and Jennifer Trapp (Faculty Internationalisation Manager, FBL). CU-SWUPL based staff and CU visiting staff gave talks to the new 2016 students as well as the 2015 and 2014 cohorts.

    This visit also coincided with the announcement that the CU-SWUPL programme has been shortlisted as a finalist for the British Business Awards under the category of ‘Education Institutional Partnership of the Year’ sponsored by The British Council. FBL is incredibly proud of the work that has been done by all staff members involved in the SWUPL-CU venture. We will know the outcome of the British Business awards by the 3rd November 2016 and we hope to continue building on our fantastic relationship with the SWUPL team in Chongqing.

    Induction at the Southwest University of Political Science and Law pic1 Induction at the Southwest University of Political Science and Law pic3Induction at the Southwest University of Political Science and Law pic2








  • The Coventry Legal Cinematic Review 2016

    The Coventry Law School

    The Coventry Law Student Society


    The Global Leadership Programme


    The Coventry Legal Cinematic Review 2016

     Inaugural Feature Performances By 

    Prof. Benjamin Zephaniah

    Professor Benjamin Zephaniah (16 Honorary Doctorates)

    Chair, Poetry & Creative Writing, Brunel University

    Mr David Neita

     Mr. David Neita

    Barrister/Performance Poet


    “Transitional Law & Restorative Justice in Film: Internationalising legal education as praxis”

     CLCR Coordinator:

    Terrence Wendell Brathwaite, Sr. Lecturer in Law, Coventry Law School

    Location: ECG24          Date: 24.02.2016         Time: 18.00PM-19.30PM

     Aim: In launching the Coventry Legal Cinematic Review (CLCR), Professor Benjamin Zephaniah and Barrister/‘Poet of the People’ Dave Neita will employ both film and the oral tradition as instruments of ‘Social Change’. The film genre has long been an important aspect of primary and secondary education, but its use to enhance legal education at university level is still rare, although in the last decade a few UK law schools have attempted to integrate film and audio-visuals into legal learning. By showcasing his short documentary ‘Rong Radio’, Professor Zephaniah and Dave Neita will therefore creatively and candidly explore its socio-legal aspects, based on their professional and cross-cultural understanding of human rights legacies affecting the common wo/man today, whilst helping to move the audience beyond law as a rigid ‘black letter’, text-based discipline.
     Film: ‘Rong Radio’

     Speakers’ Bio:

     Professor Benjamin Zephaniah: Best known as the leading British performance poet, is the Chair of Creative Writing at Brunel University in West London. He has been awarded 16 honorary doctorates in recognition of his work and a wing at The Ealing Hospital in West London has been named after him. It was once said, that he was the most filmed, most photographed, and most identifiable poet in Britain. His life has a literary rags-to-riches trajectory. A Rastafarian, vegan, martial arts expert and self-described as very dyslexic, Professor Zephaniah grew up in the working class district of Handsworth, Birmingham. He published his first book of poetry at the age of 22, was voted the nation’s third favourite poet of all time (after T S Eliot and John Donne) in a BBC poll in 2009. The poll also confirmed that he was in fact the only living poet in the top ten. Professor Zephaniah is currently developing a new method of teaching creative writing to students, with an emphasis on the sound of the spoken word. What he calls his “formal education” ended at the age of 13 when he left his approved school unable to read, but he been encouraged to memorise and recite passages from the Bible in his Afro-Caribbean church community from the age of 6. He was performing in his church at 10 years old and he was a known, established poet within his local area by the time he was 15. Professor Zephaniah was jailed for petty crime as a teenager before turning his life around completely. He moved to London, resolving to become a poet who could reach white as well as black audiences, “and to fight the dead image of poetry in academia.” He has since performed on every continent on the planet, including a command performance for President Nelson Mandela. And as a musician Professor Zephaniah was also the first person to record with the Wailers after the death of Bob Marley.
    David Neita: A prolific London-based lawyer, performance poet and respected international speaker on education, mental health and the arts. A barrister by training and a performance artist through practice, Dave is known as ‘The People’s Poet and Lawyer’. David’s work marries advocacy skills with theatricality to empower and motivate young or marginalised people of all ages and from all walks of life.
    Early in his career, David was a member of the legal team that achieved one of the largest settlements in a class action suit. It was brought against a multi-national mining company on behalf of black miners in South Africa, and set the tone for his future work. Today, as a Masters in Cultural Studies and motivational speaker, Dave is an inspirational thought leader, writer and accomplished practitioner as well as author of two volumes of poetry and three CDs: ‘City Life’, ‘PURE’ and ‘THE LIE’


     Programme of Events


    Time Description
    18:00 WelcomeDr Steve Foster, Head, Coventry Law School


    18:03 Dr. Jean Bernard-Adrey, Director, Centre for Global Engagement(Global Leadership Programme)


    Mr. Terrence Wendell Brathwaite, Coordinator, CLCR/Sr. Lecturer in Law,

    Coventry Law School

    Introduction of Law Students’ Society Ambassadors/Film.


    18:10 Film: ‘Rong Radio’
    18:15 Introduce Professor Benjamin Zephaniah & Dave Neita:Interactive Interview/Presentations
    19:00 Q&A(Mr Dave Neita invites/facilitates audience participation)


    19:30 Closing Remarks/Vote of thanks:Mohammed Wurie, President of Coventry Law Students’ Society


    19:35 End

    Last night I attended a fantastic event organised by Terry Braithwaite and the Global Leaders Programme – the lecture theatre was full and we were treated to something quite special – a film (the ‘rong radio station’ – catch it on youtube – followed by an interview conducted between 2 leading and famous poets who discussed their lives and the link between their work and law and justice – Mohamed also attended on behalf of the student law society and we presented certificates to their officers – they were all a real credit to us, as were all the students who attended and asked questions.

  • Happy New Year

    Here is to all the staff and students at Coventry University having a happy and successful 2016. There will be lots of opportunities to expand our horizons, both mentally and physically and we should make the most of them.
    Wishing everyone a prosperous and peaceful new year.

  • Let’s go round again – divorce settlements reopened

    15th October 2015 – Two women have made legal history when The Supreme Court ruled that they could have the chance to go back to court to try and force their ex-husbands to hand over more cash. The new ruling means that former spouses can apply years after the divorce or even after after the spouse’s death. The circumstances are limited to where one spouse has allegedly gained by trying to hide some of their wealth. Charlotte Bradley, a family lawyer at Kingsley Naples said “Divorcees who have not been entirely candid about their net worth may well have restless nights ahead.There is no time limit on claims being reopened.”
    Some lawyers were worried that this ruling will open the floodgates and allow greedy former spouses to try and get more money long after the original settlements.

    2012 statistics

    2012 statistics