Introducing our new course in Creative Writing (BA)

Introducing our new course in Creative Writing (BA)

We are delighted to introduce a new Creative Writing course into the School of Humanities. Building on the School’s success with the masters Profesional Creative Writing course and the range of English courses, the course is designed to develop individual student voices within a community of writers.

The course offers opportunities for collaborations with performers, artists and media producers. Students can design, edit and produce the ground-breaking CovWords magazine, publish their work across a variety of platforms, engage with an international audience and develop an online writer’s presence. They will have the opportunity to graduate with a range of transferable skills, a strong writer’s CV and a digital portfolio of original creative work. Their portfolios will include multimedia picture books, theatre scripts, short film screenplays, videos, games narratives, recorded radio dramas, and many more artefacts and materials.

Innovative teaching and learning is central to the course, which utilises social media, avatars, blogs, student writing groups, writing-focused study trips and online and virtual environments. Classical modes of writing such as poetry, prose and drama are reworked in digital environments and delivered alongside new and innovative modes such as video games, graphic narratives, eco-writing and other forms of digital storytelling. The course is contemporary, distinctive, inclusive and radical.

Students will have the opportunity to experiment with exciting new modes and genres, customise their coursework outputs to their own interests, hone their writing towards income-generation, develop their digital skills and graduate with a portfolio attractive to employers in the creative industries. Students will have the chance to collaborate with students from other disciplines and institutions nationally and internationally, and can extend their writing skills if they wish to partake in themed study-trips and retreats (subject to availability, additional fees and/or application). The course aims to prepare students for personal, professional and vocational development at home and abroad and active engagement in their communities and society.


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