Student Experience – My GLP Journey by Wiktoria Miller (Languages for IB)

Student Experience – My GLP Journey by Wiktoria Miller (Languages for IB)

On my second year of university I was awarded with the Global Leadership Programme membership and it turned out to be one of the best things that happened to me during my time at Coventry University.

As a travel lover myself, I got to discover a few places outside Coventry and what I (as a student) was even more happy with, is the fact that all of the field trips were fully covered by the programme. So I was allowed to move around and socialise. But apart from that, GLP gave me the opportunity to learn about some industries and really experience them. For example, when we visited Cadbury I saw the chocolate making process, and well… in the end I even got to taste that process.

What’s more, thanks to GLP I was able to participate tons of lectures that were fascinating and from which everyone was able to take something out. I still remember the words of one guest whose lecture I participated:

“Let your attitude shape your day, not your day shape your attitude”

Life inspirations and smart quotes come in handy when things go not exactly as planned – and they are best attained at GLP lectures. But one thing is sure, if you sometimes let your day shape your attitude, make sure to be the part of GLP as they will make sure that your day with them is great.