‘The Untold’ – student blog by Brookly Taylor, English and Creative Writing

‘The Untold’ – student blog by Brookly Taylor, English and Creative Writing

When beginning my degree in English and Creative writing, I truly felt lost in a sea of student who seem to know who they were, what they wanted and what kind of writer they wanted to be. I felt so confused, and like i wasn’t right for university at all. As the term went on, with the encouragement and guidance from my creative writing lecturers, I began to realise I was doing fine just as I was. The most positive experiences for me personally, have all stemmed from such an encouraging FAH Faculty. The majority of the lecturers I encountered and had the pleasure to be taught by were amazing. They have got me to where i am today, even through my meltdowns where I really believed that I couldn’t do it. It is a challenging process, but when you have the company of people who see your potential and believe it you, it helps you believe you can get to that finishing line.

I struggled in some projects with motivation, but I think that is just part of the university experience. You have moments when you feel like you really can’t get a project done, but you always do! I especially felt this way with my dissertation. I had set myself a huge project, and I was doing it all at home with even less resources than I thought I was going to have. I really poured myself into my project, and I had a wonderful supervisor who really guided me and helped me connect my art work and writing so it really flowed. My supervisor helped me see the little cracks in my project that maybe I hadn’t noticed, but in the end it was just what I had planned out.

I think my degree without the support of the faculty, and my university friends would’ve been a more challenging experience. I’ve never felt happier that I pushed through the struggles of workload and a big change, to finally get my degree. It is a really well wrote course, and I think It really covers all the major areas of creative writing so that you can really find your area of expertise within creative writing. I really warmed to Flash Fiction, and It was exactly what I used within my dissertation. Thank you to all the lecturers who helped me when I got a bit lost, you really helped me get to this point.

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