Climate Change and COVID-19 – Student Work

Aksshat Goel, a Year 2 BA English Literature student, has made a video on climate change. Ash writes:

In the early months of the lockdown, I was stuck inside like everyone else and began to become overwhelmed by the continuous uncertainty and barrage of disturbing news and information. To combat this, I decided to put my creative energies to constructive use and created a documentary styled video about the Climate Catastrophe. 

Over a period of two months, I spent days and nights working hard on this video. I carried out everything myself: Scripting, Recording, Sound FX Editing, Video Editing etc. The final product is something I am very proud of and is very close to my heart. I hope this Film can serve as a wake-up call for humanity and inspire action.

A big part of my degree is the literary theory of Ecocriticism which involves looking at the environment and literature and analyzing ecological concerns from an interdisciplinary point of view and this documentary directly links to my studies. The following is an excerpt from the video: 

“The world is on fire. The planet is burning, and devastation surrounds us. This video explores radioactive fallout, mass extinction events, glacial and ecological destruction, deforestation, and poverty among many other things. The subject matter will scare you and devastate you, hopefully enough to make you grasp the true horror of the climate catastrophe.” 

Aksshat’s video