Lived Experiences of Ableism in Academia: book launch

Dr Emma Sheppard, Lecturer in Sociology

The recording from the launch of Lived Experiences of Ableism in Academia: Strategies for Inclusion has been released. I spoke at this event as I have a chapter included in the book – alongside the editor and other contributors. You can watch our presentations here:

My chapter, “I’m not saying this to be petty”: reflections on making disability visible while teaching explores my experience of discussing my disability with students as a part of my teaching practice, and the social structures and relationships which shape how I do that and how students and colleagues respond. For me, making my otherwise “invisible” disability visible and a topic of discussion is partly practical necessity, and partly a strategic pedagogical decision – a part of my approach to developing an inclusive teaching space.

The rest of the book explores a really diverse range of experiences, all from disabled academics in higher education. It brings home the impact of academia’s ableist culture and its demands for excellence and efficiency – and presents strategies for inclusion which can be practiced by colleagues at all levels.