Chance to test drive a fuel cell car for fleet decision-makers



Fleet operators will get the chance to test drive a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle at this year’s Company Car in Action day.

Microcab’s new H2EV model will be on hand to give fleet decision-makers a chance-likely their first-to try a model driven by hydrogen fuel.

The brainchild of Professor John Jostins, also managing director of Microcab, the new H2EV features a state-of-the-art 3kW fuel cell and a hydrogen storage tank. On a full tank of compressed hydrogen, the car is capable of a range of 100 miles.

A spin-out company from Coventry University, Microcab will provide a vehicle for test drives as well as a static display, at the event this June.

Experts from Coventry University, a Microcab shareholder and where Professor Jostins is based, and the University of Birmingham, whose scientists have also worked closely on the project particularly during its driving trials, will be on hand to answer questions.

Jostins believes fleets will have a vital role to play in helping establish the gas as the fuel of the future. He also thinks early adoption among fleets will promote a wider acceptance of these vehicles which, in turn will help to secure future business and manufacturing in the UK.

“Fleet operators are key influencers and we consider it very important to have their backing in order for hydrogen powered vehicles to gain ground,” said Jostins. “Not surprisingly, the hydrogen hotspots are California, Germany, Japan and Scandinavia. I am keen the UK keeps up with the nations who are already out in front so we have a stake in its development to ensure we secure UK jobs for the entire process from the production and maintenance of the vehicles to building the infrastructure.”

The compact four-seater, built on a Lotus chassis, has been designed as a city car or urban compact cab with a maximum speed of 55mph. The model is highly efficient, with one kilo of hydrogen capable of delivering a 65 mile range.

Company Car in Action Day will of course have many other vehicles for fleet industry professionals to try out. Already more than ten manufacturers are confirmed for the event, including SEAT, Citroen, Peugeot, Lexus, Ford, Honda and Kia.

Operated by Fleet News, the event takes place on 11-12 June at the Millbrook Proving Ground. More than 1,000 key company car decision-makers expected to attend.



Coventry University