Enabling in-house software development for Enigma data Recovery

Enigma“With an ever-increasing reliance on smartphones and mobile devices to store personal and commercial information, the need for an efficient and reliable data recovery solution is of high importance”.

Enigma Recovery is a small company that specialises in developing effective data recovery software for use with a range of devices, including iOS & Android devices and SD Cards, a subject which is gaining an increasing level of attention by areas such as business security and fraud.

Enigma RecoveryThe Requirement

Previously, Enigma Recovery outsourced its software development capabilities to India to save costs. The increasing success of the technology generated a higher level of customer demand than the India-based development team could meet, which resulted in the loss of business opportunities.

Enigma Recovery was not in a position to develop a full team of developers with expertise in the variety of technologies and operating systems that was required, and turned to Coventry University’s experts for help.

The solution

The Faculty of Engineering and Computing at Coventry University was successful in securing funding under the Knowledge Exchange and Enterprise Network (KEEN) initiative, establishing the foundations of a long-term successful collaboration between Enigma Recovery and the University.

A team was formed which included expertise in different mobile technologies including Android and iOS operating systems, as well as a variety of software development environments. The first priority for the team was gaining an understanding of the products developed by Enigma Recovery so that these could be modified quickly in response to client requests.

Whilst studying the technology during the first three months the project team was able to re-develop the company’s products in a more efficient manner, which allowed not only modifications in reaction to customer requests but also an extension of the systems’ capabilities. With the support of the Coventry University’s experts, Enigma Recovery developed its product to a level beyond its original expectations.

The Impact

In-house development has enabled the team to understand both the challenges and opportunities associated with its products, issues which were previously out of sight.

The company has rapidly expanded the scope of its projects and is now in a position to also develop the team further to include new skills and capabilities as well as attracting funding from investors.

Having already benefitted from the software development capabilities available at Coventry University, Enigma Recovery have now expanded this successful collaboration through new initiatives, making of Coventry University a long-term academic partner.

Client quote

“Collaborating with Coventry University under the KEEN project has brought the highest level of software development that was out of our budget range, this now gives us a competitive edge against our competitors whom outsource their development”. Lee Parry, CEO, Enigma Recovery.

Project led by Alexeis Garcia-Perez & Rahat Iqbal.



Coventry University