‘MAN A’ installation at Selfridges department store

Artists Gibson/Martelli re-imagine ‘dazzle camouflage’ as tribal markings for invisible performers, moving within a window installation activated by a special App.

Commissioned by Selfridges for ‘Festival of the Imagination’ & developed through an AHRC Fellowship Award at Coventry University’s School of Art & Design.

‘MAN A’ takes as its starting point the relationship between man and his environment, exploring the use of camouflage, warpaint and tattoos – seen through the prism of neo-tribalism. The subject in hidden in plain sight, the pattern used to confound the eye rather than conceal, giving power to the wearer rather than diminishing them.

Human brains are hardwired to recognise human figures in a landscape – a remnant of our hunter-gatherer ancestry – where movements could constitute a threat to survival. This installation plays with these perceptions, concealing figures so that they are only visible to the viewer by means of technology.

The installation can be seen in the Selfridges Department store window on Oxford Street, London from January 9th until the end of February.

The free app can be downloaded on the Igloo website.



Nicola Vaughan