Professor George Martin seeks some new thinking on how to make our 25 million homes more energy efficient

Henry Ford at the Model T Launch

The UK has some of the oldest – and leakiest – housing stock in the western world. The vast majority of it will still be standing in 2050, the year by which the government has set itself a target to cut UK carbon emissions by 80% in comparison to 1990 levels.

OpEx from the Serious Games Institute

Opex Event at Serious Games Institute

The Open Innovation Exchange Programme (OpEx) develops an online marketplace for Business Community Engagement, which encourages collaboration between the Serious Games Institute, Institute of Applied Entrepeneurship and the Director of Intellectual Property at Coventry University.

Fighting Cancer with Control Theory

Phantom Radiotherapy

Phantom Radiotherapy

The work carried out in Coventry within the MAESTRO European project on Methods and Advanced Equipment for Simulation and Treatment in Radiation Oncology (MAESTRO) has demonstrated that it is possible to reduce the amount of radiation dose delivered to healthy tissues during radiotherapy treatment by compensating for organ motion using a standard treatment couch.