Professor Don Harris to give Keynote Address on Human Factors

Don HarrisProfessor Don Harris will be giving one of the keynote addresses at the First South African Symposium on Aviation Human Factors in Johannesburg, 28-30 January.

Don’s address will be entitled ‘Promoting distributed cognition on the flight deck’ in which he will describe new concepts for integrating flight deck design with Crew Resource Management activities to provide a more holistic approach to promoting safety and efficiency.

Expert Interviews: Don Harris – Professor of Human Factors and Head of Human Systems Integration Applied Research Group

Don Harris

Don Harris is a Professor of Human Factors at Coventry University and Head of the new Human Systems Integration Applied Research Group.

Professor, author, consultant and winner of 3 awards for work leading to advances in aerospace. Don has just spent the last three years working with COMAC, the new Chinese aircraft manufacturer on the design and certification of their flight decks.