Army massing, 1969, lithograph on Swiftbrook paper, 54 x 38 cm, limited edition of 70 proofs (1 artistÕs proof).
The T‡in. PORTFOLIO EDITION, consisting of three different sets of twelve black and white lithographic brush drawings. Five ÔIndividual SubjectsÕ and four chromo-lithographic ÔEpic ShieldsÕ separate. Limited edition of 70 proofs (one ArtistÕs Proof), each sheet
individually signed, dated and numbered by the artist Ð including portfolio numbers (I, II, & III). Printed by Frank OÕReilly, Dublin, on Swiftbrook paper, each sheet 54 x 38 cm. Large folio, unbound, with title pages and black interleaves. Boxed by Museum Bookbinders, Dublin. Clamshell, black boards stamped in white in a design by the artist.



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