Cold feet

shutterstock_203060215I’m getting cold feet, and I haven’t even started running yet!  My mentor for this venture, Cormac Whelan, has encouraged me to walk first, for the first few weeks; to gently increase my amount of exercise, and so build up my stamina and strength, rather than rushing in and risking injury.  It makes sense.  But he told me yesterday on one of our walking meetings that jogging will begin in August.  Now I’m panicking.

Apart from running to catch a train or bus, the last time I ever ran was probably during my school days!  That is decades ago!  I lay in bed yesterday thinking back to those days.  I remember dreading running in PE lessons and loathing the school sports day when everyone had to take part.  As my Mother constantly reminds me, someone had to come last!  I recall that sick feeling, jogging around the track, thinking I’m going to throw up at any minute and  wondering who kept moving the finishing line! Now I’m going to do the same activity out of choice?  Am I mad?  What if I feel the same now as I did then?