I’ve survived my first run, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  We walked to the cemetry, and did a few stretches before we began.  We jogged a bit, setting a goal of a particular tree or gravestone to reach, then walked, repeating the pattern, extending the run slightly each time.  I haven’t run as far for years!  Still, half an hour jogging is a long way away from 13 miles of a half marathon.  But one step at a time; let me try and stay with today rather than worrying about what lies in the future.  Yesterday I hadn’t run at all, and now I have, so that is progress.

I was encouraged to know that my companion, Beth, had had to overcome some of the same obstacles about running before she got started – thinking people were looking at her being one of them.  Sometimes we do let our fears get the better of us, but how many of our fears are founded?  How much are we limited by our lack of confidence or self esteem?  I can only reach my potential if  I worry less about what others think of me.  There have been many  times when I’ve really wanted to do something new or different but have held myself back.  But when I have tried something new, like having a go at skiing, I’ve really enjoyed that feeling of exhilaration and pride that it has given me.

We have several colouring books in the Centre, and one has inspirational words to encourage and movitivate.  here’s one: Become who you are meant to be.