What are the Energy Challenges all about?

We hope that some of the Energy Challenges help you to use the Energy Dashboard app in different ways, find new features, and explore the data being collected, in order to make it useful to you.

Other challenges will help us to improve the apps we develop, or better understand the wider patterns and differences across our 20 participating households,

January’s challenge, about your indoor environment, is coming to a close. Thank you to all who have taken part!


Future challenges will include a short diary activity, and a questionnaire to gather your household’s thoughts on our energy game.

There will be 4 challenges in total. Each challenge is worth a £5 voucher, except the game questionnaire which earns you £10. If you complete ALL the challenges, you will also receive a £5 bonus. So in total you could earn up to £30 in vouchers for completing all four activities.

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