Social Work and Health Inequalities Network

The Social Work and Health Inequalities Network was co-founded by Dr Eileen McLeod (Associate Professor, University of Warwick) and Professor Paul Bywaters (Coventry University and Honorary Professor, University of Warwick) and launched at the International Health and Mental Health Conference, Quebec 2004. It has approximately 400 members worldwide, in over 25 countries.

How to Join:

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The Social Work and Health Inequalities Network (SWHIN) aims to promote research, discussion and action by social work researchers, educators, practitioners and managers, to combat the causes and consequences of unjust and damaging socially created inequalities in health.


The objectives of the Network are:

  • Exchanging information and resources (research evidence, policy statements etc.)
  • Research collaboration
  • Developing and exchanging examples of good practice
  • Developing and exchanging ideas about teaching about health inequalities in qualifying and post-qualifying social work education
  • Influencing Policy Making


Co-Convenors are SWHIN members who create a platform for SWHIN collaboration. They ensure the vitality of SWHIN through promoting and disseminating information. They facilitate organization of collaborative opportunities. Paul Bywaters, Lindsey Napier, Julie Fish and Kate Karban have previously served as SWHIN convenors.

Current Co-Convenors and Contact Information:

  • Bruce Friedman, PhD, ACSW, CSWM, LCSW, Professor, California State University-Bakersfield Social Work Program, USA. Email:
  • Lana Sue Ka‘opua, PhD, DCSW, LSW, Associate Professor, University of Hawaii- Mānoa Myron B Thompson School of Social Work, USA. Email: