Open day

Coventry University Open Days: What are they all about?

Once you’ve weighed up your options and decided university is the right choice for you, it’s time to start booking Open Days!They are the perfect opportunity for you to grasp what university life will be like for you, get a feel for the campus (they’re all different, trust me!), scope out the facilities and have a wander around the city you’ll be moving to. It’s always a good idea to speak to current students too, they’re a wealth of information about student life! If you’ve decided to come to one of the Coventry University Open Days, we promise you won’t be disappointed. Here are some tips to guide you through your CU Open Day, help you maximise your time here and get the full experience of life on campus.

1.     Plan ahead – print out your personalised programme

After booking a place on one of our Open Days you should receive an email confirmation containing a link to your personalised Open Day programme. Printing this off and bringing it with you will save time at check in, and will be rather useful to have on hand as it contains the timings of specific Course Information Sessions. Don’t worry if you do forget it, or haven’t pre-registered, you can still do so on the day – you just might have to queue 😉

2.     Talk to academics and students in your course session

Now the reason you’re attending Open Days in the first place is to see if the course and university are right for you. Well the easiest way of doing this is speaking to the academics and students that currently teach or study the course you’re interested in. Student ambassadors will be on site to help you find the people you need and by picking their brains you’ll be able to determine whether Coventry University will be right for you.

3.     Talk to our student ambassadors

So, you’ve found out that the course you’re interested in is immense and the level of teaching is second to none. Now it’s time to discover what the student life is like on campus. Our informative & friendly student ambassadors will be on hand again to show you around and answer any questions you may have about student life in Coventry. Don’t forget to cover all the topics like: accommodation, nightlife, part-time job opportunities and of course what the social life is like on campus.

4.     Go on a campus tour and check out our accommodation

It’d be silly to buy a house without seeing it first wouldn’t it? Exactly the reason why our campus and accommodation tours are the best way to discover what the University has to offer you. Our tours continue throughout the day and they’ll give you a great feel for what life is like studying at Coventry. The campus tour includes a visit to the Lanchester Library, complete with our Disruptive Media Lab, as well as the University’s Sports Centre so it’s a brilliant way of finding out about the facilities and student experience you’ll enjoy here at Coventry.

5.     Walk to the city centre to get a feel for Coventry

Open Days are all about the University and the subject you’d like to study, but don’t forget that student life is as much about the social life and the city as it is about studying. So we suggest that you take some time before or after the Open Day when you can have a walk around the centre and get a feel for Coventry as a city. With Coventry University being smack bang in the middle of the city centre, the University and our students are very much an integral part of the city and it’s important that you feel comfortable.

However you decide to spend your Open Day, remember that our staff and students will be around to help, give directions and answer all your questions. Don’t forget to take part in the online conversation by adding #CovOpenDay to your tweets. We’ll try and remind you with our giant inflatable #CovOpenDay display on the day – tweet us a photo if you spot it!

– Asya