war memorial park

Coventry’s War Memorial Park – unCOVered

If you like being outdoors and are also passionate about culture, the War Memorial Park is the place that you need to see!

The park is perfect for jogging, walking, football, golf and picnics. It is the go-to area when it comes to spending time exercising or having fun with friends. Being situated fairly close to the city centre, the park is easily accessible by feet. Buses and free parking are also available.

The scenery is absolutely beautiful whenever you visit, regardless of the time of year. The wide variety of trees and flowers on show make the park colourful and unique. In the wintertime, I would recommend visiting the park when there is frost or snow on the ground, you will be able to take some wonderful scenery pictures!

The park celebrates life and the community, the trees are each planted in memory of a fallen World War soldier, whist the 90 foot high War Memorial Monument commemorates the total loss of life during both wars. It’s a reminder of the soldier’s courage and the fragility of life- an inspiration for future generations.

“Inside the Memorial is a room called the Chamber of Silence. Every year on Remembrance Sunday, it is open for the public to view the “Roll of the Fallen,” books listing all of the Coventry servicemen who were killed in the two World Wars and even as recently as the Gulf War.”

The park has other numerous facilities, from tennis and golf fields to themed gardens and a skate-park. There are two coffee shops where you can buy drinks, sandwiches and pastries at affordable prices – perfect for a student living on a budget!

Make sure you attend the Godiva Festival in July. This free festival takes place in the park every summer and is a wonderful experience – everyone is welcomed to see live bands perform and browse pop-up shops! The weekend-long festival has a great atmosphere, and even includes a huge fairground!

Let us know about your experiences at the Memorial Park.

Roxana x