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10 things all students need to know….

… about life at Coventry University!

  1. Make use of your personal tutor

    At the beginning of your course, you’ll be assigned a personal tutor who is there to help you with any of your personal or academic issues. Consider them your therapist in all respects. Keep their name and contact details at hand, and contact them whenever you have an issue that none of your academic tutors can help with. They’ll come in handy especially when you’re looking for advice on how to cope with exam stress or if you’re just looking for someone to unload to.

  1. The academics are not your enemy


    independent thought
    Talk honestly with your academic tutors too – they’re here to make sure you perform to the very best of your abilities. If you don’t understand an assignment, speak out! Try to participate in group discussions, and answer questions your lecturers throw about in class. As a fresher, I kept quiet during the first few weeks, but when I got used to being in uni I started talking in every class. It felt great to get it right, and it was okay when my answers weren’t top notch because I got the chance to learn from my mistakes.

  1. Take add+vantage

    With over 240 different ones to choose from, the Add+vantage modules teach a range of work experience and career development activities which will broaden your knowledge, skills and qualifications within a work-focused environment. Don’t look on them as an additional chore to your workload, but more as a passport to future employability

  1. It’s okay to not know your way around a kitchen

    student kitchen
    Cooking, washing, cleaning, it’s all a whole new world! It’s okay if your best dish is pasta or tuna salad. While it does comes in handy if you’re ace in all these household tasks, it’s not essential. Trying new things is part of the student experience. You never know – you might soon become an expert in combining different flavours! In terms of doing your laundry, honestly, few people know what exactly all those buttons do!
    Hint: start by washing your old clothes first 😉

  1. Go to market

    For those late nights out ..or at your desk… a healthy diet is what you need to keep motivated and energised throughout the day. Take advantage of the Coventry Market for fruit and vegetables. They’re nice, cheap and fresh. Hint: go after 5pm as many of them are on special offer 😉

  1. Get involved…

    …in activities on campus! It’s a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Join a society or a sports club, choose something that you’re passionate about and match them to your hobbies or future career ambitions. Attend the Sports and Societies fair during Freshers’ week to see what’s on offer!

  1. Budget, Budget and Budget again!


    There’s no doubt that retail therapy can cure nearly everything, but as a student it is important to budget your money on a weekly basis. Rent, bills and food should be a priority, while shopping and going out should come in second. Try to budget your spending money according to your needs; if you have fallen off the wagon and splurged on a designer pair of jeans, try to compensate by only going out once next week or not at all. Going shopping and clubbing can become a way of life, so don’t overspend on it! Only use your credit card as a matter of urgency. A night out isn’t urgent 😉

  2. Take the time to relax.

    Having uni classes, working on your assignments, going out with friends and being involved in a society will lead to a very fast pace of life. Take a break from time to time – it will be great to recharge your batteries, relax and distance yourself from this busy lifestyle. Reading, listening to music, going for a walk in the park, browsing online… anything that will allow you to switch off for a bit will help you leave your stress behind.

  1. Find an internship or part-time work

    …relevant to your studies and future aspirations. Getting a graduate job is challenging, but the right work experience will make you stand out from tother applicants. Top tip: Try to get some work experience before you get to your busy final year.

  2. Study abroad.

    Study abroad

    Make use of the international opportunities the university has to offer. You can take part in various projects, experiencing different cultures. The opportunities have no limit, ranging from Europe to China and further afield! You can study or work abroad for a semester or a year on some courses, but if you’re not ready to commit to a long period of time, you can take part in the one week projects that the university organises. From industry visits to cultural experiences or conferences, there are so many choices out there you just can’t go wrong! Don’t be shy to put yourself forward and explore the world!

    The most important advice is to have fun! Enjoy being a student and make the most of it!
    See you on campus!