Support for mature students

Help! Mature students need support too!

One of the scariest things for me when I was considering applying to university was whether I’d be ‘clever’ enough. Maths is not my strong point, my spelling is atrocious (I spell checked that) and don’t even get me started on science! I completed my GCSE’s over twelve years ago and haven’t picked up a textbook since. I’ve never had to know if a triangle is equilateral or not, never used a Bunsen burner again and have relied on spell check, dictionaries and auto-correct to get through each day without feeling stupid or inadequate.

My journey to university happened by chance, I attended an evening course in order to progress with my photography hobby and in the hope of making friends after moving back to the city. After the class I moved on to a full time media course which allowed me to successfully apply to Coventry University, starting this September. Since I began working with the social media team over the summer I’ve been looking at what academic support is available for people like me; mature students who haven’t attended school for a while and didn’t really grasp it all the first time around.

I’ve asked each support service to tell me a little about what they do, and the support they offer.