Spotlight on: Postgraduate study

Postgraduate Rebecca Beech speaks to unCOVered about her decision to study further with Coventry University.
Rebecca is currently studying a Strategic Marketing MSC, her home town is Hull and her favourite thing about CU is the campus, student life and how near the shops are!


Rebecca has loved doing her Masters at Coventry University. She told unCOVered that she feels postgraduate study has given her a great opportunity to develop much closer working relationships with lecturers, build on her confidence and motivation, and get involved with more independent research projects. Rebecca says she has really matured during her postgraduate studies because the flexible Masters programme has given her multiple opportunities to get involved with a variety of initiatives across campus.


Rebecca worked part-time during her undergrad degree, saving as she studied. Her savings are now being used to pay her postgrad fees; she continues to work throughout her studies to further fund the cost of living.

Huge respect to Rebecca for saving so well, but if you haven’t been quite so diligent and are now unsure whether you can afford to finance a masters, take a look at the £10,000 scholarships on offer this year.

Rebecca originally planned to use her Masters go into the marketing industry. However, in November she undertook the role of  Student Proctor, assisting in seminars alongside her postgraduate study. She soon discovered a real passion for teaching, and now intends to qualify as a higher education lecturer.

Are you considering Postgraduate study?

Rebecca suggests 3 things you should think about first:

  • Postgraduate study should be something you’re sure of; you’ll need the motivation to pursue independent research throughout your course.
  • Do your research. Speak to course directors and find out what to expect!
  • Come and visit Coventry,check out the relevant faculty and speak to current Postgrad students about their experiences here.