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UCAS admissions – why it can take ‘so long’ to hear

This post is written in defence of all university admissions teams out there!

So you’ve completed the UCAS form, selected your university choices and pressed that big shiny ‘send’ button. Now your application is in the hands of each University’s admissions team. Surely they should get back to you within a few hours and offer you a place – this is your future and it should take priority, right? Wrong!

Applying to University is an extremely detailed process, and  your application is just the beginning!

Ucas Admissions

Coventry University houses the country’s leading Admissions Office, and as a result of this we can provide decisions to fully complete UCAS applications fairly quickly, often within a few days. However, consider that at CU alone we receive over 30,000 applications each year, with many incomplete or incorrect, and you might understand why there’s a bit of a wait.

“All applications are carefully considered on an individual basis. Personal statements, references and all qualifications – achieved and pending – are all carefully assessed to make sure that the applicant is suitable for their chosen course” Fiona, Recruitment and Admissions Office.

If you haven’t heard back yet, remember:

  1. You will hear back, but it may take longer than you think.
  2. The Admissions team are very, very, VERY busy, and…
  3. …they work Mon – Fri, 8.30-5pm. So stop refreshing your email all night and get some sleep!
Waiting for UCAS offer
Look Familiar?


  • If you applied to Coventry by the 15th of January, UCAS gives us until the 7th of May to have made a decision.
  • If you applied after the 15th, or applied through UCAS Extra, we have until the 16th of July to make a decision.
  • Remember, it is only March, so there is still plenty of time yet!


Hopefully this article has calmed you down, however our lovely Recruitment and Admissions Office have said that if you are still worried you can call them on 0247 765 2222. They will be happy to check the progress of your application for you. Good Luck!